14 Days, and a new bed


My Mum and Dad told me about all the good wishes everyone sent onto me – thank you so much, it was and is nice to hear about them every time they come and visit me. I can see in their smiles as they tell me about them that they appreciate enormously.

So today I am fourteen days old, it has been a long 14 days. I have had good days and bad days. A few more bad days than what I would have preferred, but those things are not up to me I’m afraid.

Since I wrote to you last, a few things have happened. My kidneys have not been working as well as they should, mostly due to the fact that I have not been well. Because of this it was decided that I needed to get some dialysis done to help process the fluid that has built everywhere in me. For this to happen though, I would need to leave the Rotunda and head up to the road to Temple Street Children’s hospital. This was planned for Sunday morning, and although they tried not to show it, I could tell that Mum and Dad were nervous about me moving. As it happened, so was I. Would all the nice people in Temple Street know how to look after me the same way that all the wonderful people in the Rotunda knew how?


On Sunday morning the transport team arrived and moved me into my travel incubator, that was a little unsettling and it took me a while to get settled into it. After a little while I did settle and they moved me into what will turn out to be my first car ride!The transport was fun, they turned on the blue flashing lights for me, and they got me safe and sound to Temple Street in no time at all.
I was moved into my new room, and it was nice to be moved out of the incubator that I had been in. Especially for Mum and Dad, because that way they could get a good look at me.

A couple of hours later, I was settled into my new bed, and I was getting to know all of the lovely nurses and doctors in Temple Street. I need not have worried about them not knowing me. Everyone at the Rotunda had passed notes and spoken to Temple Street to let them know about me, and to let them know that I was a bit delicate (like my Daddy…).

Then they prepared me for my dialysis. Hey presto, that was done, and the process was started. So far so good on that front, it looks like it is working as it should. That is a good thing, as it should help me get me that bit further on the road to recovery (and also get rid of that puffiness I appear to have developed).

Next week though is another big week, as I will be going to visit another hospital. This time it will be Crumlin Children’s hospital, where they will be carrying out an operation to close off a duct inside me. This is what should have closed up after I was born, but did not for reasons I am way to little to understand. What I, Mum, Dad and the doctors are hoping, is that this procedure will help with me getting better and stronger to deal with the pulmonary hypertension which I still have. It is up to me though, I have to do this by myself, all the doctors and nurses are only helping me to stay strong so that I can heal myself.

All of your thoughts, well wishes and presents! (Can’t wait to get home to play with my teddies) are helping me to do that, so thank you so much. I can tell that it also really helps Mum and Dad as well, they have a big smile on their faces as they tell me about all these things.

What I really like about my new bed is that Mum and Dad are able to hold my hand now, and rub my legs. It is nice to be touched by them, I can’t wait for the time when they will be able to give me hugs.

Now I must rest a little to get stronger and stronger!

Bye for now,


p.s. Super super big thank you to everyone in the Rotunda who looked after me so well when I was there with them. Everyone on the NICU ward is a hero to me, and I will always remember them.




  1. judi

    Dear Ben
    It sounds like you are feeling a bit better and the treatment you are being given is helping. I am sure Mum and Dad want you home as soon as possible – I guess a few more weeks. It is brilliant that your Daddy is taking pictures and letting us all know how you are. We think of all three of you every day and send you big hugs. Much love Judi an Ulf

  2. Hi Ben,

    delighted to meet you and to hear you are being looked after so well. I must apologize to you and your dad&mum that i did not come to meet you before. The reason for this is that i lost the dearest and most beloved person in my life just two days before you were born. Now, don’t you start worrying about me but make sure you grab every opportunity to get stronger day by day. Will try to talk to you soon again. Ciao, little man.

  3. Sam

    Well Ben, I think you are a very brave young man – and I’m glad that your parents are able to touch you now and rub your legs. I hope that everything goes well for your operation and I know that your aunty Sophie is really looking forward to finally meeting you and being able to give your parents both a big hug. Sending you much love from France.


  4. Sophie

    My sweet little Ben,
    Thank you so much for the update (and thanks to your Daddy for transcribing them), it’s great to get some news. You are a strong little boy and a lucky little one too to have such a wonderful Mummy and Daddy, and so many people looking after you and caring for you. I’m coming over in 10 days and even if I don’t think I’ll be able to see you (although I’d looove to), at least I’ll see your Daddy (my darling brother) and your Mummy. As a lot of people I think of you and your parents every day (many times a day). Sending you lots and lots of hugs and kisses. I love you little Ben, and tell your dad I love him too…

  5. Sophie

    oh and of course, keep getting better and stronger!! think of all the toys and cuddly toys you have waiting for you at home! And all the love and cuddles and kisses you’ll be getting!!!!

  6. Johan

    Richard, thanks for sharing! Ben, you’ve got great parents. Get well soon and start using them! They’re there for you. Hope you’ll be home for Christmas!
    Johan, Jeanette & Marc

  7. Loyal Sequeira

    Hey there Little Warrior,

    What wonderful parents you have, you will do this Ben and soon you’ll be home playing with those teddies.FYI Ben My Little daughter thinks you are very cute. May God Bless you all and protect this Angel of ours.Ricahrd and Grace, kep up the good work.
    Loyal, Kanwal and Ayesha

  8. Ash

    Dear Ben,
    Welcome to the world. You dont know me but I wish I could be half as brave as you are. You are an angel and you have wonderful parents who love you so much. Fight on warrior, sending love and prayers.

  9. Pete

    Hey there Ben. Glad to hear that you are improving. Im sure youll be well enough to go home in no time. I have a little pressie for you, ‘fraid its not as much fun as a teddie but you’ll be helping little boys and girls in India with their schooling and it will help keep you warm, how cool is that? Both myself and Rosemary will be keeping you in our thoughts

  10. Bittan

    Dear Ben,
    I hope you are still doing progress and will soon be a healthy little boy in your parents care. Your greatgrandmother and I think of you every day and send you lots of love.

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