1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! OMG!

    • Richard Eibrand

      Thanks Stephen :) That shot has to be of my favourite shots ever. It was also taken in Marrakesh, same night as the mint tea shot. Myself and 2 mates were driving a 27 year old Merc from Rathfarnham to the Gambia (via England/France/Spain/Morroco/Western Sahara/Mauritania (3 days in the desert!)/Senegal)!

      Marrakesh was on your route after a fantastic stint through the Atlas mountains. We were walking around the main market place after some lovely food, and there were loads of small congretions of people around various street games like this. That kid sat there, motionless just watching this game, completely entranced. I took the shot with a compact camera, hand held at hip level to get that perspective, and also not to distract the locals from their stance. Morroco is a place to visit, absolutely brilliant place, food is great, people are chancers but its all good :)

  2. So now I’m even happier that you’ve added the story to the shot. Gives it even more colour! really is a great, great shot. Hope you’ve printed it!

    • Richard Eibrand

      I have indeed printed it, many times, but I always end up giving them away… But now that I have permission from landlord to hang pictures in house, will do myself my own print (again!) As an aside, the IPF L panel bods did not like it, no matter, as I do!

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