1. There is something very epic about this Richard. I can’t see this fitting onto a small print ever. I love the lines in it, of the light and of the road, of the stone walls.

    • Richard Eibrand

      Thanks Treasa, I hear what you are saying. What I like most about it, is that this is the view I have at home, Dad’s place at the end of the valley. Its beauty changes every hour of everyday, it fills me with good stuff whenever I go home.

  2. Keep coming back to this Richard, it’s just wonderful. It’s everything I think about home when I’m away traveling!

    • Richard Eibrand

      That makes me rather happy Stephen, it means that it touches somebody else than me and that what taking pictures is all about for me. I shudder at the thought that some locals want to damn that place for a hydro electric damn…

  3. Bittan

    Fantastiskt vackert! Du är en så himla duktig fotograf. Genes?

  4. Sof

    I love this one! If ever there is a petition against that dam, don’t forget to let me know!!!!
    They say “Home is where the heart is”, and my heart is definitely in Mayo, especially around Glensaul. There is no place like it on earth!

    • Richard Eibrand

      Hopefully it will never come to having to sign a petition, but don’t worry, if it is the case, I’ll let you know!


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