Sam’s Welcome Party

Yesterday, Sam, Grace and I were treated to a lovely spread, in honour of Sam’s arrival to this world of ours.

Below are a couple of shots from that day.

Super big Thank You to the Sayers, Con, Melissa and Ian, who put on a great spread for us all!

Sam being all happy

Sam being HappyOur first family Portrait!

Sam with his Mum and Dad

Sam cooing at MelissaSam cooing at Melissa

Sam (behind the bottle), and the most gracious host ConSam (behind the bottle) and the gracious host ConSam and Sorcha!Sam and Sorcha

Sam and Neil (having his first go with Sam :) Sam and Neil (who was having his first go at Sam :))

Sam taking a nap in RoRo’s armsSam having a nap in Ro Ro's arms

The lovely cake Sam's cake at the party

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