1. That’s exceptional Richard. I love the tones, the texture, the everything.

    • Richard Eibrand

      Thanks Treasa,

      I am surprised at the comments I got on flickr about it. I quite like it, but I did not think it would elicit the type of comments it did.


  2. I suspect what gives it that sinister air that is mentioned on flickr is the ever so slight tilt to the right of the platform. The title almost definitely reinforced that vibe, I think.

    Photographs are funny things. I’ve stopped being surprised by how people react to some photographs that, for whatever reason, I rate less than others. It’s possibly that the stories they create for other people are so different to our own. I don’t know. I do know I get confused when I put up a raft of about 12 photographs on either flickr or pixie, and a particular photograph elicits a lot of feedback, and 3 others that I preferred are more or less ignored.

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